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The Rappaport Institute looks forward to continuing to make substantial future contributions in biomedical research"

Professor Karl Skorecki
For BioRap Inventors

Funding Opportunities

Collaborative research

We facilitate collaborative research partnerships between business partners and RI researchers. Such partnerships may involve a single business partner or they may be a multi-party consortium. Each research partnership is tailored to the specific requirements of the inventor, the invention/technology, the partner, and RI.

In a collaborative research partnership, all the partners actively contribute to the research activity, the business partner/s cover the RI researcher research costs and the resulting IP is generally shared.


Office of the Chief Scientist grants – Kamin, Nofar

Nofar - This program supports applied academic research that has drawn business interest. The objective is to advance the research to a point where it is ready for a cooperative venture with a commercial partner. A minimal requirement of this program is for a company or incubator to invest 10% of the development costs, at this stage, complementing the 90% grant given by the government.
Kamin - This program supports early stage applied academic research. The program supports research with a potential to become in later stage an industrial product. The objective is to promote the research to a point where it is ready for a cooperative venture with a commercial partner. No company cooperation or incubator required in this program. The maximal financial support could be up to 400,000 NIS per year for up to 2 years.



A research-based license combines a royalty- based license with a provision for the licensee to finance research carried out by the inventors at the Institute and together with other types of lump sum or performance-based cash payments.

We make every effort to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of the prospective licensees/investors, the researcher, and RI. Biorap works closely with researchers and inventors on the required agreements that outline the basic rules, expectations, and terms.

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