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The Rappaport Institute looks forward to continuing to make substantial future contributions in biomedical research"

Professor Karl Skorecki

Personalized Cosmetics Matching Service - BeautyGene

BeautyGene provides personalized cosmetics matching service based on one’s genetic code. Initial proof of concept had shown the ability to define person's skin shade by his/her DNA signature.

BeautyGene uses DNA markers together with proprietary DNA Database and algorithm for personalized cosmetic matching by defining a person's skin traits. It is based on the genetic research of Professor Karl Skorecki. Beauty Gene’s unique systems-based approach combines the interaction of markers in specific genes directly affecting skin pigmentation together with global population markers, and accounts for epistatic gene-gene as well as gene-by-environment interactions. Beauty Gene’s expertise and results demonstrate the feasibility and capability of high-throughput and cost-effective detection of a comprehensive spectrum of the known variation in skin color genetic markers and corresponding highly specific skin color shades.

Initial PoC was conducted on 300 women proving the ability to define person’s skin shade by according to his/her DNA signature. Skin tones reflect very different genetic underpinnings, and this is precisely the information that can provide accurate and successful make-up to skin color matching for the wide variety of skin shades among women throughout the world. Each consumer will receive a detailed report including his/her DNA based skin tone and traits for defining the best cosmetic match, and companies will benefit in product development and life cycle managment.

This start-up constitutes the basis for developing a precision value-added “Genetic Beauty Signature” and sets the stage for the establishment of a proprietary database that will revolutionize color matching in the beauty industry.


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